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IoT Meets AI 2019 – IoT and AI at the Industry by Ingo Thon (Siemens)

On the second day of IoT meets AI, Ingo Thon from Siemens talks about “IoT and AI at the Industry.”

Ingo Thon, Ph.D., Siemens AG, Germany (Expert AI)

Ingo Thon is the Principle key expert for Artificial Intelligence in the business unit factory automation. He is driving the adaptation of AI within discrete manufacturing. He has used Machine Learning for many different applications within Siemens. One of his biggest successes is the Siemens inventor of the year award 2019. Before, working for Siemens he has worked in a startup as Software Developer integrating machine learning functionality in NoSQL databases and as Agile Coach. In 2012 he got his PhD in probabilistic programming at the KU Leuven.

Olivia Pahl

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