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La cybersécurité concerne chacun d’entre nous – toujours et partout

I was giving a speech on the need for cybersecurity and strong investments in cybersecurity as basis for our modern society on June 10, 2021.

I was invited at the signage event of the German-French Academy for the industry of the future regarding the signing of the partnership with Airbus and ArianeGroup. The event took place at the Ministry of Economy and relance of and with Bruno Le Maire.

Crowdsourced AI-Supported IoT Data-Modeling (IM2021)

Our IM 2021 paper “Crowdsourced AI-Supported IoT Data-Modeling” shows how Artificial Intelligence can help unifying IoT data models during creation. The solution consists of an open repository, an Eclipse-based editor frontend, syntax and semantics validation, and machine-learning supported tagging and completion of data models.

IoT meets AI 2019 – “Long Range radio for IoT” by Laurent Toutain (IMT Atlantique; Acklio)

At IoT meets AI Day 1, Laurent Toutain, Expert Wireless Communications, IoT from IMT Atlantique and Acklio, talks about “Long Range radio for the IoT”.


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IoT Meets AI 2019 – AI Enabling Semantics for The Internet of Things by Danh Le Phuoc (TU Berlin)

At the IoT meets AI on Day 1, Danh Le Phuoc from TU Berlin talks about “AI Enabling Semantics for The Internet of Things.”

This talk will introduce different ways to embed such semantic information into data and processing pipelines to facilitate automatic data discovery and integration that lead to the dynamic composition of AI-driven data processing pipelines…


#iot #technology #internetofthings #robotics #automation #engineering #artificialintelligence #innovation #cybersecurity #security #robot

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