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IoT meets AI 2019 – “IoT Security” by Marc-Oliver Pahl (TUM)

At the 2019 IoT meets AI on Day 3, Marc-Oliver Pahl from TU Munich gave a keynote on “IoT Security.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) for the first time allows running algorithms in real-world environments. Examples are algorithm-managed production processes in the industry of the future (industry 4.0), or smart home settings. Both are currently emerging.

Remotely controlled machines can become a SAFETY RISK. A mal-programmed industrial robot arm can easily kill a human co-worker. Appliances such as smart door locks can become a SECURITY RISK, e.g. when enabling hackers to open the front door. Finally, the inherent processing of private data can become a PRIVACY RISK. A self-driving car can easily become an instrument for mass surveillance.

For the given reasons and examples, it is essential to secure IoT systems. This talk highlights challenges and proposes solution for an IoT that is SECURE-BY-DESIGN.

Marc-Oliver Pahl, Ph.D., TU München, Germany (Expert IoT Security and IoT Middleware)

Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl leads the IoT Smart Space Orchestration team (https://s2labs.org/) at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services at Technical University of Munich. He is a senior researcher and lecturer. His research interests include autonomous management of distributed systems with a focus on edge-based IoT. He often works on context data management, semantic modeling, and service management. His focus is on interoperability, portability, usability, and security.

Marc-Oliver is an associate editor of the International Journal of Network Management, co-organizer of NOMS2019, member of several TPCs including NOMS, IM, CNSM, regular reviewer for journals including TNSM, and IEEE Communications Magazine, and organizer of the DOMINOS workshop series.

As second research topic Marc-Oliver is doing teaching research focusing on developing new teaching methodologies, eLearning, and learning analytics. He also organizes the 50 years celebrations of the German Chapter of the ACM (https://being-human-with-algorithms.org/), and leads the MOOC activities of TUM and IMT’s Académie Franco-Allemande.

Olivia Pahl

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