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[FIOT rec] Philippe Coval – Keynote “Prototyping on Oniro”

On Thursday, Dec 2, 2021, at 9:00 am CET, Philippe Coval gave a keynote entitled “Prototyping on Oniro” at the 4th Future-IoT.org PhD school that is under the motto “IoT meets Cyber and Security”.

You are cordially invited to watch the recording!

Find this FIOT2021 presentation and other presentations by Philippe here: https://purl.org/rzr/presentations


Based on his experiences, Philippe will explain the gap between a maker prototype and a sustainable ecosystem that would match market’s standards.

Publishing a code under “FLOSS” license is a good start but it’s usually not enough for project sustainability, like grabbing some component for “free” will have a cost soon or later.

The opensource philosophy is to not reinvent the wheel, so your value will probably work on common base, but choose wisely!
What does this platform provide in term of terms of security, IP compliance? What is the cost of hardware enablement or just software maintenance ?

Talk will be illustrated with some demos from previous Automotive “CampOSV” sessions in Rennes, the Oniro project will be also introduced and how prototyping can be essential for the development of foundations of a bigger ambitious ecosystem.

Oniro project is a decentralized Operating system which aims to defragment software development by using the best components and practices already adopted by community and industry
(like Linux or Zephyr kernel and Yocto’s bitbake tool).

Starting by doing is a good way to learn, working alone can be quick but working together will bring you further.

Everyone is welcome now to join the oniro project at https://oniroproject.org/

Links for slides and more:



About Philippe Coval

Philippe Coval is a professional OpenSource Engineer,
who has been supporting FLOSS communities since late 1990ies. Over decades, he has contributed to many projects from Operating Systems (Debian, Tizen) to IoT frameworks (IoTivity, WebThings) and more.

He also advocated for FLOSS at various occasions (FOSDEM, ELC…), or shared proof of concepts online.
Currently contributing to the Oniro project he is always open for potential cooperation.

About the Future-IoT.org PhD schools

The Future-IoT.org Ph.D. school series takes place once a year since 2018. The previous editions are “IoT meets Industry (2018, St Malo)”, “IoT meets AI (2019, Munich)”, “IoT meets Security (2020 in the cyberspace)“.

This year’s edition has the title “IoT meets Cyber and Security“. Software drives the critical infrastructures around us like water or energy supply, communication, transportation, banking, production, or health care. This year’s edition focuses on different aspects of software cyberspace, including cybersecurity.

The series is organized by IMT Atlantique and the Technical University of Munich as a flagship event of the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future. The French-German series is kindly supported by the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule / Université Franco-Allemande.

Future-IoT.org connects academia and industry. Therefore, the series is in collaboration with leading industry partners from France and Germany. The Future IoT summer school offers an exciting mix of lectures, hands-on tutorials, and hackathon challenges. There is also a lot of room for getting to know each other, networking, and exploring our hosting city!

** 4th edition of the Future-IoT Ph.D. school series “IoT meets Cyber and Security”
** 29.11.-3.12.2021 in Rennes, France. 
** With keynotes and hands-on sessions from Siemens, Airbus, Celonis, and many more.
** On-Site (recommended) and online (reduced) participation possible. 
** Hotel and most drinks and food are already included in the registration fee!
** More info and registration:  https://school.future-iot.org/

The German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future and the chair Cyber CNI in collaboration with the OCIF team, the IRISA lab, the IMT, the IMT Foundation, the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber, the Brittany region, and many more organize the 4th Future-IoT Ph.D. school – this time a winter school. The school is under the motto “IoT meets Cyber”. So it is about software and algorithms in the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems.

The 4th Future-IoT winter school takes place from Nov 29-Dec 3, 2021 in Rennes, France. The event will be hybrid, on-site, via zoom, and via YouTube and LinkedIn. Please inform your friends and check the program at https://school.future-iot.org/. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

This year’s edition focuses on different aspects of software cyberspace – the algorithms that move the things around us -, including cybersecurity. Software drives the critical infrastructures around us, such as water and energy supply, communication, transportation, banking, manufacturing, and health services.

The 4th Future-IoT school takes place in Rennes, only 1,5h by train from Paris. The city and the added value of the on-site participation with the hackathon with people on-site, much better networking, and last but not least the opportunity to get to know the city make this the best option. At the same time, you can also interactively participate and network via zoom, or you just follow and interact over YouTube and LinkedIn.

Please inform your friends about the event and participate yourself! On-site for the full experience, via Zoom for half of the experience, and via YouTube and LinkedIn for the keynotes only.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Rennes!

– Program: https://school.future-iot.org/
– Registration: https://school.future-iot.org/register

– Impressions from 2020: https://future-iot.org/category/2020iotmeetssecurity/
– Impressions from 2019: https://future-iot.org/category/2019iotmeetsai/

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