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FIOT5 (8/9): Laurent Toutain (Acklio) with a keynote on “Autonomous management of low power wide area networks”

On Thu, Sep 1, at 5 pm CEST, we welcome Laurent Toutain from Acklio with his keynote on “Autonomous management of low power wide area networks”. Please share the info with your interested colleagues and friends!

More info, the full program, and free registration at https://school.future-iot.org.
Live stream at https://school.future-iot.org/live.
Registration (few remaining on-site and zoom places plus more info for streamers): https://school.future-iot.org/register.


SCHC (pronounced chic) for Static Context Header Compression is a new header compression and fragmentation mechanism standardized by IETF (rfc8724) initially for the LPWAN networks such as LoRaWAN or NB-IoT. On these networks, traffic is drastically limited to preserve devices’ energy. In this talk, we will present the fundamental mechanism used by SCHC to compress headers and perform efficient fragmentation. Still, the main objective is to describe the YANG data model and its CORECONF representation. They open new areas for the SCHC protocol where devices autonomously manage compression rules for more optimal compression or reducing latencies.

About Laurent Toutain

Laurent Toutain is a Professor with the IMT Atlantique Graduate Engineering School and a Co-founder and a Scientific Advisor of Acklio. He worked for several years on IPv6 and participated in the creation of the G6 group, which has been gathering researchers and industrialists around IPv6 since 1995. His current research focuses on protocols and architectures specific to IoT’s needs. From 2011 to 2015, he managed the Smart Grid competence center shared by Télécom Bretagne, Texas Instruments, and ITRON. He is the author of several books on networks.

About the 5th Future-IoT PhD school on “IoT meets Autonomy”

Please inform your interested friends about this opportunity: The 5th Future-IoT PhD school on “IoT meets Autonomy” is running from Aug 29 – Sep , 2022 in Berlin. A week full of exciting keynotes, challenges, research exchange, networking, and social events lays ahead of us! Only a few days left and we have good news for you: we still have space on-site and remotely via video conferencing. Check the program and register at school.future-iot.org.

For the full on-site experience, we still have a few rooms blocked. If you want to fully participate physically, register as soon as possible as we distribute First Come First Served now.

If you want to participate remotely in all activities including posters and challenges, we also have some zoom places left for that. This is the recommended remote category as it gives you almost the full experience.

We celebrate our 5th anniversary this year! We cordially invite you to our 5th Future-IoT.org PhD school on “IoT meets Autonomy” from Aug 29th – Sep 2nd, 2022 at the Einstein Center Digital Future in Berlin, Germany. Expect a week full of exciting challenges, keynotes, PhD pitches, networking, sight seeing, and more – short, a lot of fun is awaiting you. Inform your friends! Share the info! Subscribe to the news! Participate with your company in the organisation! More info and registration at school.future-iot.org

This year’s edition has the motto “IoT meets Autonomy“. Many of the computer systems around us work autonomously. They simply run without human intervention, adapt to their environment, or even evolve with mechanisms such as Machine Learning. Implementing such functionality can be challenging. These challenges are not only technical but also ethical, societal, juridic, etc. In this years edition, we will explore different forms of autonomy using the IoT as use case. Topics include but are not limited to Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT protocols, self-*, and cybersecurity.

About the Future-IoT.org PhD school series

The Future-IoT.org Ph.D. school series happens once a year since 2018. The previous editions are “IoT meets Industry (2018, St Malo)”“IoT meets AI (2019, Munich)”“IoT meets Security (2020 in the cyberspace)”“IoT meets Cyber and Security (2021, Rennes)”, “IoT meets Autonomy (2022, Berlin)“.

The series is organized by IMT Atlantique and the Technical University of Munich as a flagship event of the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future. The French-German series is kindly supported by the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule / Université Franco-Allemande, and the German Chapter of the ACM.

Future-IoT.org connects academia and industry. Therefore, the series is in collaboration with leading industry partners from France and Germany including Airbus, ArianeGroup, Atos, AWS, elm.leblanc, Siemens, and several other industrial partners.

The Future IoT summer school offers an exciting mix of lectures, hands-on tutorials, and hackathon challenges. There is also a lot of room for getting to know each other, networking, and exploring our hosting city!

Key facts of a typical edition

  • 40 students from all over the world connecting to each other and working on real challenges
  • ~60 online participants
  • Live Streaming over YouTube, LinkedIN, and Facebook
  • ~10 Keynotes and lectures from top industrial and academic experts.
  • ~10 exciting challenges you will work on in teams of 4 coming directly from our industry partners in our startup hackathon.
  • 1 PhD pitch and posters all over the week
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • 2 city tours with dinners
  • 2 hacking night with games and pizza.
  • 1 pitch event in front of our expert jury on Friday with prizes!
  • Direct contact to key people of the participating companies.
  • A unique location with excellent food.
  • Multiple organized events to get to know our hosting location.

Past editions

Olivia Pahl

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