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Enhanced Company Resilience through Cybersecurity – Emmanuel Bricard (elm.leblanc), Monday, Oct 5, 14h CEST

Emmanuel Bricard from elm.leblanc will talk about Enhanced Company Resilience through Cybersecurity at the 3rd Future-IoT PhD school on Monday, Oct 5, 14h CEST. Join the free live stream at https://school.future-iot.org/stream.

What will the keynote be about?
Resilience is a vital goal today in most businesses around the world.
Way before COVID-19 epidemic, resilience was a fast-growing topic regarding how unpredictable geopolitical events impacted activities worldwide. The context of the environmental transition was already increasing the complexity of this complicated landscape.
Where would business turn in 5, 10 years? How can organizations be prepared for the next  waves of radical changes? Even at our individual level, how can we be prepared for these future disruptions?
COVID-19 outbreak reinforced this sense of urgency regarding resilience. It accelerated the way we use digital interactions to work and live together.
Much of the changes impacting us are intimately linked to the digital flows enabling our world. As a result, in a faster and faster moving world, resilience relies more than ever on mastering cybersecurity.

We are looking forward to seeing you online for the keynote!

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