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Future-IoT 2020: Day1 impression

Fantastic start of our PhD school!

After some severe technical difficulties, Future-IoT 2020 started at 13h15 with the Grand Opening. Even after the rough start it became a great day! We had over 80 participants in our streams on YouTube (https://future-iot.org/stream), Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheFutureIoT), and Facebook (https://facebook.com/TheFutureIoT) , and more than 40 Zoomers in the Pro-Event. We also had many mentions over Linked.In (https://www.linkedin.com/company/thefutureiot). Please spread the news that there are two exciting days to come. You find the program at https://school.future-iot.org/.

Marc-Oliver and Nicolas opened the day by explaining the program and the working mode. Despite being a virtual event, they managed to add a lot of socal activities such as the Strasbourg city tour in the evening. Another very nice feature is gathering the participants into smaller subgroups after each talk to allow people to meet and exchange about the presentations.

Marc-Oliver Pahl and Lars Wüstrich from IMT and TUM opened the program with a keynote on “IoT meets Security”. Marc-Oliver introduced the special properties of the IoT including heterogeneity and distribution. He introduced key problems like security, safety, and privacy, and possible solutions including security-by-design but also ethical algorithms. Lars detailed one of the best-known and sophisticated cyberattacks on physical infrastructure of the past decade: the Stuxnet malware. 

Niels Thomson from Atos continued the journey, giving wonderful insights to the world of the industrial IoT. He managed to vitally make the current developments around overcoming heterogeneity graspable. He explained the transformation in the customer relationship, where it is much more a mutual collaboration than a customer – service provider relationship today.

In the talk of Emmanuel Bricard from elm.leblanc one could strongly feel the personal involvement of him in digital transformation processes. He advocated not to fear disruption for improving processes. He also insisted on the importance of keeping each other up to date regarding new technologies, new applications or new processes. He finished his talk with one of his passions: mixed reality.

As the final technical talk of the first day, Paul Emmanuel Brun from Airbus presented the end-to-end IoT security threads and framework. He highlighted how constraint, and hard to secure IoT devices are. In his talk he managed to take us into the world of concrete and complex security problems. Like the other presentation, this one ended with a lively discussion among the Zoom and YouTube audiences.

After a day full of input, it was time to relax a bit. Nicolas Montavont provided the perfect program for that: a virtual Strasbourg city tour. Not only could everyone have the perfect mix of historical facts, lovely pictures and insightful videos of the city; Nicolas even managed to include several virtual restaurant visits and our planned social event in the bike park.

While we are still a bit sad of not being in Strasbourg right now and looking forward to doing so next year, from our point of view, the day was a full success and the closest it could get to being physically together in the capital of Europe.

We enjoyed the day and are looking forward to receiving even more participants tomorrow! Share the news about the free live stream, share the stream links, write about the event using “#fiot20” as hashtag!

See you tomorrow for another great Future-IoT day with the following program. Join our free live stream at https://future-iot.org/stream

Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020 – Innovation, transitions, reliability, and experimentation

  • 9h00 Culture of Innovation and working backwards process, Asinetta Serban (Amazon Web Services)
  • [*] 10h00 PhD poster presentations I & Networking
  • 11h00 Challenges on the way to 4.0, Olivier Presne, Francois Planchot, Cornelia Lux (ArianeGroup)
  • 12h00 Long Break at your own disposal
  • 14h00 From best-effort to high-reliability for the Industrial Internet of Things, Fabrice Theoleyre (CNRS)
  • 15h00 Presentation IoT Lab, Guillaume Schreiner (Université de Strasbourg)
  • 16h00 Long Break at your own disposal (e.g. for relocating)
  • [*] 18h30 The Internet – the backbone of our society: Recorded interview with Turing Award winner Vint Cerf and Panel Discussion
Olivia Pahl

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