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Virtual participant group of Future-IoT 2020: IoT meets Security

Future-IoT 2020: We say thank you!

Future-IoT 2020 was a full success. With 8 keynotes, 3 poster sessions, 1 lab tour, 1 panel, 1 discussion round, 2 Turing award winners, and 1 city-tour, we had a program full of highlights. And the program was well-received. With up to 80 participants, we reached quite some audience in the keynotes. The more than 30 pro-participants enjoyed quite some extra program with the poster sessions, the city tour, the panel on the Internet featuring Turing award winner Vint Cerf, and the group discussion on Ethics featuring Turing award winner Martin Hellmann.

From the organizer perspective, the biggest challenge was involving the participants in discussions, and enabling exchange and networking. All hopes became true: The poster sessions enabled networking, and gave insights in The program reflected what we wanted to communicate and the participants were just wonderful!

The 3rd Future-IoT 2020: IoT meets Security was over way too fast. We use the resumée to say THANK YOU!

The PhD school’s success first of all based on the wonderful interventions we had. Our dedicated keynote speakers made the event what it was. We would like to deeply thank all people involved in the keynotes:

  • Marc-Oliver Pahl (IMT Atlantique, Chaire Cyber CNI) and Lars Wüstrich (TUM), “IoT meets Security”
  • Niels Thomsen (Atos), “Business Value through IoT and AI”
  • Emmanuel Bricard (elm.leblanc), “Enhanced Company Resilience through Cybersecurity”
  • Paul Emmanuel Brun (Airbus), “End-to-End security for IoT constrained devices”
  • Nicolas Montavont (IMT Atlantique), “Virtual Strasbourg City Tour”
  • Asinetta Serban (Amazon Web Services), Culture of Innovation and working backwards process
  • Olivier Presne, Francois Planchot, Cornelia Lux (ArianeGroup), “Challenges on the way to 4.0”
  • Fabrice Theoleyre (CNRS), “From best-effort to high-reliability for the Industrial Internet of Things”
  • Guillaume Schreiner (Université de Strasbourg), “Presentation IoT Lab”
  • Marc-Oliver Pahl (IMT Atlantique), Laurent Toutain (IMT Atlantique), Nicolas Montavont (IMT Atlantique), and via recording Vint Cerf (Google), “Panel: The Internet – the backbone of our society”
  • Oliver Pfaff (Siemens), “Security for IoT and OT – An Industrial Perspective”
  • Marc-Oliver Pahl (IMT Atlantique) and via Recording Martin Hellmann (Stanford) , “Ethical Decision Making”

The evening events rounded the technical program up perfectly. We would like to thank:

  • Nicolas and Julien Montavont for the unforgettable virtual Strasbourg city tour.
  • Vint Cerf via recording, Marc-Oliver Pahl, Nicolas Montavont, and Laurent Toutain for the panel on the “Internet 2020”.
  • Martin Hellmann via recording, Marc-Oliver Pahl and Nicolas Montavont for the intervention on ethical algorithms.

And of course we would like to thank our audience. With your great questions, wonderful posters and the fruitful exchanges among you, you made this event truly yours!

Last but not least, we would like to thank the organizational team for all they did to make this event happen and especially:

  • Marc-Oliver Pahl and Nicolas Montavont for the overall concept and planning
  • Marc-Oliver Pahl for the technical and didactical planning and realization of the virtual event
  • Olivia and Marc-Oliver Pahl for fuelling the social media, the website, and most of the communication and graphical elements
  • Marc-Oliver Pahl, Lars Wüstrich, Christian Lübben, Léo Lavaur, and Awaleh Meraneh for controlling the streaming and recording platforms and overall support of the event
  • Marc-Oliver Pahl, Léo Lavaur, Awaleh Meraneh, Alexandre Kabil and Nicolas Montavont for doing the setups in Rennes
  • Paul-Guilhem Meunier and Morwenna Joubin for managing the partner relations
  • Sandrine Frouin and Wissam Sedeki for managing the reservations and cancellations in Strasbourg
  • and all the others who made the event possible through their contributions.

And the communications teams that helped us spreading the good news:

  • From our industry partners: Dimitra Touli Lebreton (Airbus), Lucie Baillif (Airbus), Noara Benzekri (Airbus), Claire Tulie (Ariane Group), Sandra Hubé (Ariane Group), Deborah Meddins (Atos), Florence Drouault Solle (elm.leblanc)
  • IMT: Benjamin Vignard, Fabienne Millet-Dehillerin, Pierre-Hervé Vaillant, Nathalie Le Calvez, Priscillia Creaach, Laurence Le Masle (Greenlemon)
  • TUM: Doris Herrmann, Jason Lochert, Bernhard Kraus, Andreas Schmidt, Zizheng Zhang

We are looking forward to meeting you all physically later in life, potentially next year when we run the 4th Future-IoT PhD school “IoT meets Security”!

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