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[REC] End-To-End Security For IoT Constrained Devices by Paul Emmanuel Brun (Airbus) at Future-IoT 3rd edition: “IoT meets Security” (2020-10-05)

In this keynote, we propose to have an overview of an approach to secure IoT data transmission in a water management use case, by setting up an end-to-end security layer compatible with low power devices constraint in terms of energy, power computation and bandwidth.

This talk was held by Paul Emmanuel Brun (Airbus) at the 3rd edition of the Future IoT PhD school series 2020 under the motto “IoT meets Security”. Future-IoT 2020 introduces to the fascinating world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and its security challenges.

Future-IoT 2020:
IoT meets Security recordings:

* YouTube Playlist

* Trailer

Monday, Oct 5, 2020 – The Who is Who of IoT Security

Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020 – Innovation, transitions, reliability, and experimentation

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2020 – IoT, OT, you, and the ethics

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