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From best-effort to high-reliability for the Industrial Internet of Things – Fabrice Theoleyre (CNRS), Tuesday, Oct 6, 14h CEST

Fabrice Theoleyre from CNRS will talk about From best-effort to high-reliability for the Industrial Internet of Things at the 3rd Future-IoT PhD school on Tuesday, Oct 6, 14h CEST. Join the free live stream at https://school.future-iot.org/stream.

What will the keynote be about?
The Industrial Internet of Things is expected to enable the Industry 4.0 through the large deployment of low-power devices. However, industrial applications require most of the time high reliability close to 100%, and low end-to-end delays. This corresponds to very challenging objectives in wireless (lossy) environments. We will explain how the paradigms for the link layer access have +evolved, from a best-effort to a strictly deterministic approach. We will detail the limits of the preamble sampling approaches, and then expose how a deterministic, synchronized protocol may provide strict guarantees. We will expose the existing approaches to schedule the transmission, and present a few challenges that have still to be tackled.

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