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IoT meets AI 2019 – Presentation of the student challenges through the project teams

A special thing about IoT meets … is the startup hackathon where the students work in a team on one of the challenges and pitch it to a jury on Friday. This event’s topics were:

  • Challenge 1: Using SIMATIC IoT devices and the TM NPU equipped with multiple environment sensors to control an automated guided vehicle (AGV) with Linux and ROS
  • Challenge 2: Using the SIMATIC Open Controller with LINUX and ROS to control a robot arm which gets the target position by TM NPU combined with a vision sensor
  • Challenge 3: Implementing a full IoT processing chain from sensors to visualization
  • Challenge 4: Environmental monitoring by a Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRa)

Enjoy the presentations by our wonderful instructors!

Olivia Pahl

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